President Ford Sat Here

Convertible coffee table, from the garage sale of one of President Ford's speechwriters a few years ago in Connecticut. In it's low position it's a 4 ft wide David Hicks-ian coffee table, but then the seats pull out and the legs spring down and it's a regular table. He said many nights they'd all play bridge on it, with White House cards and an ashtray from Air Force One. 
Every year around this time I think about what a perfect Holiday dinner "kid's table" this will make someday.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Chaiseburger in our dining room.
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Go West, Young People

Reference Library/Stork Bites Man & South Willard join together like a Lego to present Shrimp Shop, which will likely be the coolest shopping experience you'll ever have with your kid. Happening from this Saturday with an opening bash at 2-4pm.
South Willard
8038 W. Third St.
Los Angeles, CA
More info here.
Below, two of our contributions: an old Creative Playthings Magnaforms and little kid-size Birdwell Beach Britches from the Salvation Army in Key Largo. We would have sent more but our own shrimp is due in a month and he'll be bummed enough he missed the Shop without us sending all his neat toys.

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West German WESO ceramic tile stove, from a yard sale. When we finally got it's 440 pounds home and tried to bring it upstairs it crushed the first step, so the next 15 were not in the cards. But when we do finally install it it's going to heat our whole chalet, and we can even cook on it! (see pic). 

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What, me worry?

garageAlfred E. Newman painting found in a Los Angeles garage 10 years ago (photo in situ). Painted by Wanda Witczak, 1969. The notation next to MAD reads, "I did, your highness!".

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Kristin Baybars and the Ostrobogulous


Ostrobogulous Hedgiwig, by Kristin Baybars, 1964, London, England. We found him in an antiques shop in Maine and thought it would be perfect for the baby's room (although placed out of reach, lest I find myself asking a baby "why did you rip that tag off? It's been on there for 45 years!").
After a little Googling, we found these days Mrs. Baybars has a pretty nifty miniatures shop in London, whose front window (the pink building below) looks the spitting image of our own front window, what with the miniature house and boat, among many other things. 
Cheers to kindred spirits.

Further Googling revealed a photo of a couple other Ostrobogulouses (Ostroboguli?) from Design Journal, December 1969, uploaded and html'd- along with every page from every issue- by the good people at (VADS (Visual Arts Data Service). I'd never seen this resource before, but it's endless and incredible. 

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