Le Man

Steve McQueen in Le Mans (1971)

If I weren't going to paint our front door in the Push Pin graphic style of 1984, I would definitely use these great old Porsche colors, and put our number inside the white circle. 
Also, how does one turn that headlamp design into pendant lamps which turn on as smoothly as McQueen's do during the dusky hours of Le Mans.?

Sometimes you find more design inspiration in cars, than anywhere else.


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Spring cleaning


Orange-oiling day!
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Alexander Girard

Some fabric designs from the 50's and 60's

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It's Spring!

16 year old Californian Jan Smithers (Bailey Quarters)
on the cover of Newsweek, March 21, 1966.
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Eames faces

Two old Eames chairs and five faces, from a yard sale. Pin It


more Eames faces

An old Eames House of Cards, from an estate sale. Pin It


Fashions by Linda, age 11

What fun to discover my (now) kooky notebook and crazy paper dolls I made when I was 11. It was the early 80's and I was just discovering fashion. I had a love for all the era's usual suspects- Chic, Jordache, Calvin Klein, Sasson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Bonjour, and yes, Jones New York (?!?).
I was also totally into Punk and New Wave.
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Knitted Landscapes



Two fantastic projects- the picture sweater and landscape rug- from the 1978 British book
The Needleworker's Constant Companion.

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Liberty Studios

The great facade of Anthony Lover's Liberty Studios, NYC, with its perfect mix of industrial age iron work, Gill Sans Extra Bold (a typeface) and supergraphic American Typewriter (this blog's typeface) number. And the beautifully poetic and patina'd window.
Sometime crashpad of our errant carpenter, the studio is more noted for creating the amazingly detailed HBO Starship intro back in 1982. (link)

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Giant (airquote) shrimp (/airquote)


Claes Oldenburg in his studio, 1965.
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The O.C.

Great old cast iron O.C White task lamps, from a yard sale. Pin It

4 swimming pool designs by Claes Oldenburg

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Never crash

(click to enlarge)

Vintage Qantas Koala pencil,
no doubt given away to lucky kids visiting Australia back in the 70's.

Found hiding in a desk drawer at an estate sale.
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