White Lines


Beverly Hills. the awesome endpapers of Eliot Elisofon's The Hollywood Style, 1969.
We were going to use this as the basis for a huge room divider (2" deep roads, the red being cut away), but it turned out to be too difficult to sand the edges smooth enough for a lacquer finish.
It's still on the back burner....

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Valentine's Day getaway idea! The Madonna Inn

Buck Henry, Anita Morris, Beverly D'Angelo, and Gary Kasper foolin around at the Madonna Inn, from Julien Temple's "Rigoletto" segment of the movie Aria.

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Sunday Paper Carriers

Log/Sunday Paper Carriers.


L.L. Bean Log Carriers, collected from yard sales for a knock-down,
portable campaign furniture pipe dream project.
Above: from Items from Our Catalog by Alfred Gingold, 1982.
Below, a 19th c. campaign chair.

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Fab.com 3-day Wary Meyers print sale!

Wary Meyers Prints

Everybody Hustle over and buy a print!

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Marvin Gaye, California 1976

Marvin Gaye by Annie Leibovitz, 1976

By Annie Leibovitz, from Rolling Stone, 1977.
One of my favorite photographs ever.

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Creative Playthings Rocking Beauty Hobby Horse

Creative Playthings Rocking Beauty Hobby Horse

Vintage Creative Playthings "Rocking Beauty" Hobby Horse amongst the goods at an old-timey auction house out in Maine the other night. Designed by Gloria Caranica in 1964, it's in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum. And now in the permanent collection of our son's room. ...And in the permanent collection of the auction house is this amazing Wacky Races-looking Edwardian gent.


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Bowie by Skrebneski, 1978


From the book Skrebneski Portraits: A Matter of Record (1978)

previously: Bowie at the Beeb

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Design Research Van, San Francisco, 1960's

Design Research van, SF

The Design Research Dodge A-100 van circa 1966-
a moving advertisement as it made daily deliveries around San Francisco.
From the awesome and highly recommended book Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes, by Jane Thompson and Alexandra Lange, which deserves a much bigger blog post.
How great would it have been if DR had a Corgi toy made of the painted van and sod it in their stores?!

It would be my second choice of toy van after Tricky's:

related post: Design Research's Bentwood Baby Chair, 1968

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Happy Year of the Hobbit Dragon!!


It's both!!

Conversation with Smaug, watercolour by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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