Super Sweet Diamonds


Motified bottle
from the basement of an estate sale.
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Rec room

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To the Max

Three Peter Max things in our apartment. Above is an old screenprint exhibition poster which was hanging in my brother's room throughout the 70's, then stored away in my grandmother's attic after 1984. For "safe keeping", since my brother has a penchant to sell things, I gave it to Linda and myself as a wedding present from him.

Peter Max-design Wrangler corduroys from probably the same year. Linda found these for a couple dollars in a now-defunct Brooklyn thrift shop. They're made for probably a 10 or 11 year-old, so we'll see what happens when our son gets to be that age. I know when I was ten I would have loved them, but they may be relegated to a Halloween as Greg Brady.

Thirdly is 1969's Peter Max designed "Teen Cuisine, a Beginner's Guide to French Cooking", from a sidewalk vendor in Park Slope. I'm sure the recipes are fine but what's really awesome are Max's saturated, full-bleed gradient silk screened pages. They're not all printed this way, but when they're not, and it's a white page, the type is silkscreened in gradient. Wow.

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The Secret Policeman

Sting, resplendent at The Secret Policeman's Other Ball benefit for Amnesty International, 1981.
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Happy Earth Day

Make it every day.
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Meow mix

From our catalog of cat books
From Cat People (1978): Shelly Smith
Jane Pauley
Seymour Chwast
From The Photographed Cat (1980): Edward Gorey
From Catwise (1979) and Cats are like that (1984):

From the Penguin Handbook Cats (1957):

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Mackworth Island

Closer than the grocery store.
Our summer plan is to hang out here at least once a week.

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Tensor's Floating Disc? Check.

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Found pieces

Saturday's yard saling stuff:
From the top: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein, with his wonderful inscription to a girl named Sarah. Now in our son Fletcher's growing collection of things inscribed, but not to him. :(

Vintage toddler's SnoPeak arctic bomber jacket, with boiled wool hood trim and slight lining-of-an-old-backpack patina. My hope is that he'll wear it this winter, but with our novice size forecasting, it'll probably fit him next July. (much to his grandmothers' relief).

A little Puppenhaus-size Rya rug. More likely made to be a pillow by a 70's crafter, but our first thought was that it definitely could be a Finnish salesman's sample.

Two large enameled industrial factory lamps in perfect condition- the stuff that looks like a chip is actually old plaster which just chips off, but we'll leave it there. These will be hung on cable and retracticle cord above a kitchen island in the guest apartment we're working on this summer.

Lastly there's a stylized brass hippopotamus box.
Total, $13.00- the lamps were 5 each.

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One Buffalo Boy gone 'round the outside

R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren. Sex Pistols manager, Bow Wow Wow creator, shop owner, genius, and the inspiration behind our boombox.

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