Boro Sweet Boro




With a little help from us Urban Outfitters has boro'd the Japanese Boro Jean Quilt project from our book and made it into a cool hippie wall hanging. "Boro" is Japanese for rags, and is most often used in reference to the resourcefully mended, endlessly repaired indigo cotton futon covers of the farmers and fishers of Northern Japan. (See much more info here, and here was our primary source of inspiration during the original project). Our quilt version was made from salvaged old jeans.

Although Urban's is a slightly smaller size quilt it would also make a cool dog bed or a kind of tami mat or boro blankie for a kid.

The plum blossom-y peasant print on the back fabric (above) was also designed by us.
The middle photo is the Urban's sample, on top of our larger original, as it came to us to be okayed. The top photo is a spread from our book, taken near Linda's parents' house Long Island, Maine. The old hippie anthropomorphic shack being a "sweet home" ;-)

Home Sweet Home by Wary Meyers Denim Wall Art at Urban Outfitters
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Happy Holidays!


Have a ball!
we'll be back in a few days!

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Silver and Gold






Victor Vasarely silkscreen serigraph, from a thrift shop. They had no idea what it was but the $35 price they said was because of the nice (teak) frame. Signed by Vasarely and printed by Editeur Denise Rene. 79/150. Awesome!

Linda spotted the Anglepoisian task floor lamp the other day on somedody's curb, out with the recyclables. It's in perfect condition, just a little dusty, and although it's tough to tell, huge- each of those arms is 42". It also has a gold metal cover for the base, but I removed that for the more Brutalist concrete look, a la Ivan Chermayeff, who sunk his task lamp into a cinderblock.

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David Hicks on...



A boxed holy trinity of decorating books by the Headmaster of interior design,
 from an estate sale in England a few years ago.


David Hicks at a Schweppervescent tablescape in his London home, 1972.
From an old W Magazine.

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wary meyers plastic crumpled paper ball




Another of our installation projects for the old Baxter Library building/ Via Ad agency. This is our giant crumpled, ripped-from-a-spiral-notebook style polymer "paper" ball. (It's hard, formed plastic, not paper).
Seen here being blowtorched into shape with our fabricators Jeff and Bill. 

Currently suspended above the conference table at the ad agency, representing the creative process.

Smaller crumpled balls are in the works......
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Motherwell-esque 2 from the Wary Meyers Painting Pillows shop
18" square, hand painted, handmade, down and feather filled.
$145.00 The perfect gift!

More (3,4,5...and  Frankenthaler-esque) in the works!

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Pen & Ink




Our fiberglass and steel sculpture for the entrance of the old Baxter Library building in Portland, Maine. Part of a series of writing/books/pen/ink-themed installations we've designed and made for the building, newly occupied by the Via Ad Agency.
 more photos soon!

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Twisted Tales

Wary Meyers Twisted Tales

Incidental display for the old Baxter Library building in Portland Maine. These apparitional book spirals (there's another one opposite) corkscrew into the main hall referencing Shakespeare's "shuffling off this mortal coil", as the grand old library now has new occupants.

One of seven new installations all for the old library by Wary Meyers Decorative Arts.

more soon!

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Where is this place?

Barbara Remington's Lord of the Rings poster.


And what does it have to do with my story? And what are those pink bulbs?
All questions J.R.R. Tolkien asked when he saw Barbara Remington's cover painting for The Lord of the Rings.
In her defense she hadn't had time to read the books as the publisher was rushing out the paperbacks to squelch the sales of a pirated version. (see here also).
Anyway, the question I asked an indifferent Linda when we found the giant poster in the basement of an estate sale was "Oh my God! Can you believe it?????!!?"



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Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Shirley Temple, Ray Collins, and old Harry Davenport, from The Bachelor and The Bobbysoxer. I must have said this bit with my friends a hundred times when I was a kid, always cracking up.
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