Alexander Calder at Segre's Iron Works, 1960's

Calder at Segre 4pan

Calder at Segre 5

Calder at Segre 6

Calder Yard

Cant tell you how much I love these photos. The top three are by Bill Hicks, a man who was lucky enough to drive by Segre's- the Waterbury, Ct. fabricator of Calder's Stabiles- one day in the 60's to see this amazing sight, and thankfully for us had his camera! (courtesy The Mobile Factory- do read the entire post here ). And how great is the "Only Love Beats Milk" billboard?
Bottom photo likely taken the same year,  from the book Calder's Universe, a must read.

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A most stylish visit to the feeder (in slow-motion).

A black-capped chickadee glides up to our window for a snack.

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