Bazaar 69

...and 68. From an estate sale in Ct. Including some rare leg spreads by Guy Bourdin, a neat feature on Danish children's fashions, hippie stuff, space age stuff, Russian peasant stuff, that awesome clear hose, and a newborn Anderson Cooper is the bizarre of the Bazaars in an altogether ooky photograph by the late great Diane Arbus. Pin It


g/d said...

Where can I get one of those hoses! My front yard wants to know.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Wow! These are some incredible images!! (and check out the ABs on that gal in the image 2nd from the bottom!)

lintmag said...

Great find! I love seeing great layout in magazines - Bazaar should check their archives and get some inspiration. Anderson Cooper almost looks like he is wearing those wax Halloween lips!