Progettazione 1x2




Gustav Eiffel/ Enzo Mari- inspired 1x2 plank mantel ("Eiffel Mantel") just after completion in the summer of 2008. Highly mathematical instructions on how to build it are in our book Wary Meyers' Tossed & Found.
Below that is from the following spring, when a winter outside oxidized the nails and they leached into the wood grain, but I like it even better that way. It shows more of "the hand".
Above, a pig working on a Mari-esque progettazione (interlocking end table/s) in the illustration for the book's last page (the end).


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Unknown said...

Nice construction- I like the leaching nails as well! And the pig's "the end" project is great. Very clever!!

YHBHS said...

this is the missing link to this!


John said...

Thank you Matsushiya! David you left out the monolith from "2001" (re: a very high level of human consciousness"! But it's interesting you reference these sculptures because the original idea, before I got so wrapped up in Eiffel and Mari, came from when we were constructing a desk for a jewelry shop ( http://warymeyers.com/Resources/warymeyersdesk.jpg ) and when it was all constructed in 2x4's it looked so cool I thought it was a shame to cover it with drywall. We thought instead what would be great is cover it with glass, like a "visible man". But it was too impractical, way too expensive, time-consuming, etc... Plus we were also on a Judd kick with all our wood boxes, so a nice clean desk tied in nicely. In the end we still used that idea of "visible history" on the "visible chair" project. Thanks for reminding me!!