Louis Vuitton Polar Bears



The large one was found in the dusty attic of the old Louis Vuitton house/atelier in Asnieres (above) after the last of the Vuittons moved out in 1984. Along with the giant Arcticscape painting, it was probably for an old Polar Travel diorama at a long-ago exposition. The big bear was subsequently made into a small pull-toy for another stylish-Arctic-expedition ad in 1985 (top, which looks like it could be the luggage of an actual polar bear).
 I don't know if they ever made more than these two, but they should. And if the big one didn't have a seat inside, it should.

Top: From the book Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury
Bottom: Jean Lariviere's photos of Asnieres from French Vogue (the Hockney Issue) Dec. 85/Jan. 86
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alice said...

perhaps it's the luggage of this guy?