My Karma Ran Over My Dogma


Some favorites from the collection.
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Cez said...

love this pic!!! nice

p-- said...

i have a denim jacket with a similar collection of pins... ah, memories.

genevieve said...

Frodo Lives!! Right on.

Kate said...

Hiya. So great! Wondering what the square blue on white badge says -- looks like a tiny roller skater?

John said...

That's actually "Mr. H20" running with some big-toed feet, drawn by Jimmy Saridis, Grade 5, Queens. It was from the NYC Dept of Environmental Protection.
Around Mr. H20 it say "Don't Let Water Run" and " No Deve El Agua Correr".

hb said...

Hey guys! Please tell me about the zebra! I recognize her from Sea of Shoes!


Linda said...

Hi Holly- It was from a little old lady's yard sale at Willard Beach a few years ago. It's either gold, onyx, and diamonds or black enamel, rhinestones, and "gold".
Either way 25 cents was a score!!

Unknown said...

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