Chez Motherwell, 1967



Helen Frankenthaler and husband Robert Motherwell's living room from the article "Artists as Collectors", in the November/December 1967 issue of Art in America.

My caption is "Wow, look at that", but here are the original captions:

(Top) Living room in Mr. and Mrs. Robert Motherwell's brownstone, with Mrs. Motherwell (painter Helen Frankenthaler) seated at far end of room. A Mark Rothko oil hangs over the fireplace. The objects on the mantel include an Archaic Greek head (center), a painted wood Egyptian standing woman, about 1350 B.C., and a Thai bronze walking Buddha. On the white-topped table is a small David Smith bronze, 1961-62. The large blue and white painting is Hlen Frankenthaler's Blue Tide, 1964. On the lamp stand next to the sofa is Jacques Lipchitz' bronze study for Ploumanach. Above the sofa are two paintings by Motherwell: America Cup, 1964, and Figure 4 with a Blue Stripe, 1966. Among the objects on the coffee table are bronzes by Rodin (left) and Matisse (right). The painting on the right wall is Motherwell's The Homely Protestant, 1948.
 (Above): A corner at the Motherwell's. The painting in center is Helen Frankenthaler's Small's Paradise, 1964; below it, on table, is a South Indian stone female figure, Pala period. At left is Barbara Cohen's Yellow Rest, 1966; directly above the Cohen is Kenneth Noland's Seed, 1962, topped by a Hans Hofmann from the fifties. Flanking the Hofmann is an African Baga wooden mask. A wooden Polynesian paddle rests on the floor.
Photos by William Grigsby.

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