In and around the street with Richard Serra





Top: Richard Serra's To Encircle Base Plate Hexagram, Right Angles Inverted (1970), in its original middle-of-the-street location in The Bronx, where it looked a million times cooler than its current location at the St. Louis Art Museum. And I know it probably has deeper meaning, but doesn't it look like an Oldenburgian King Kong-sized manhole? How wild would it be if it opened up and all the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloons emerged from it?

Above, the Serra Suburban, from somewhere on the Internet a few years ago.

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Burgin Streetman said...

love the balloon image...

Kent said...

Unfortunately, To Encircle Base Plate Hexagram was pulled out of the ground in preparation for the expansion of the St. Louis Art Museum. My understanding is that it is in storage right now. Here's hoping they put it back soon.